John Frieh is many things to many people: father, husband, brother, project manager, engineer, landlord, and small business owner. Simply put, John is a busy person.

Chances are so are you.

When his other responsibilities allow John enjoys climbing, especially alpine climbing. John continues to challenge the notion climbers with careers and/or children cannot accomplish much; since his first trip in 2009 John has climbed at least one significant first ascent or first winter ascent each year in Alaska.

The classic adage tells us “the best way to train for climbing is climb.” Various forms of this tenet are common to most other sports. “Practice makes perfect” comes to mind.

And though there is some truth to this statement where does it leave those of us with other commitments? If we cannot devote the majority of our time should we simply give up? If you only have six hours a week to train and play your sport: how is that time best spent?

Since 2007 John has attempted to best answer this question. His search has taken him to Dan John, Steve Maxwell, Rob Shaul, Chip Conrad and others. In 2009 John found his way to Gym Jones and has since enjoyed the opportunity to learn from the best of the best: Mark and Lisa Twight and Rob MacDonald. Since then John has attended the Fundamentals, Intermediate and Advanced Gym Jones seminars as well as assisted at numerous Fundamentals, Intermediate and Advanced Gym Jones seminars. For his efforts John is now considered a Gym Jones disciple.

During his training education John came to the realization that he enjoys coaching others as much as he enjoys climbing. Whether it be an endurance sport, or a strength and power dominated sport, or simply physical fitness John is capable of coaching different athletes to their respective goals given their other life constraints.

John is able to offer a variety of solutions whether it be one on one coaching or small group classes at his gym in Portland, Oregon. For those not located in Portland remote programming or mini training camps in Portland or at your location are available. The first step begins with you.